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Sleater-Kinney at the Crystal Ballroom, June 2005


Tomorrow will be my 4th time as the official Bizarre photographer of the St. Johns Bizarre. It’s always a great time and I can’t wait! Here are a few random favorites from past years. 


Peter Buck and Corin Tucker’s hair. Super Earth at the Secret Society in Portland.


The debut - well technically the 2nd show - of Super Earth! New band fronted by Corin Tucker, with Peter Buck, Kurt Bloch, Scott McCaughey, and Bill Rieflin. Amazing!


from the archives: Sleater-Kinney at the Crystal Ballroom, 2005

St. Johns Bizarre

Just posted a bunch more photos from the St. Johns Bizarre HERE

I’m close to finishing up a set of photos from last weekend’s St. Johns Bizarre. For now, here’s a shot of the Corin Tucker Band playing the day’s final set. © Jason Quigley

UPDATE! full set here.

Sleater-Kinney at the Crystal Ballroom, February 2003. © Jason Quigley.